PMP PDU Courses – Earn 60 PDUs to Renew PMP

You’ve worked hard to earn your PMP certification. Now, it is time to renew your PMP certification. And you are looking for PMP PDU Courses to renew your PMP certification. Don’t worry, you’ve landed on the correct page! We’ve explored the PMP PDU courses that can earn you 60 PDUs and complete your PMP renewal process.

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ūüí°Julia Boyer earned 60 PMP PDU hours and renewed her PMP certification. Read Julia’s PMP renewal story!

PMP PDU Courses

PMI requires PMP certification holders to earn 60 PDUs every three years. There are certain PMP PDU requirements, and the most popular way to earn PDUs is by attending PMP PDU courses. You can see the PDU categories in the following infographic.

PMP PDU Categories

While there are several ways to earn PDUs, the most popular way followed by PMP-certified professionals is attending  PMP PDU courses or training.

Here is why PMP certification holders choose PMP PDU Courses to renew their PMP:

  1. No Caps: There is no maximum limit for the education category, so, you can earn all 60 PMP PDUs in one program, and renew your PMP.
  2. Self-Paced: You do not need to attend an event, conference, or seminar. You can follow the courses at your place, at your pace.
  3. Affordable: Depending on the program content, you can enroll in a self-paced PMP PDU course bundle for ~$200-300. However, seminars or conferences start from $1,000, not only that, you cannot earn all PDU needs in one event.
  4. Requires less effort: When you enroll in PMP PDU Courses, all you have to do is follow the curriculum, earn PDUs, and renew your PMP. However, other PDU earning ways require significant effort from the PMP-certification holder such as creating content, sharing a presentation, volunteering, etc.
  5. Less prone to PMI audit: Since the PDU training programs are used by many PMP-certified professionals, PMI already has a track and record of the activities. However, for other categories, PDU submissions are more unique and may be more likely to hit a PMI audit.

60 PMP PDU for PMP Renewal

Watch how Julia Earned 60 PDUs and Renewed Her PMP

Julia Boyer is a PMP-certified Professional from Dallas, Texas. Julia enrolled in the 60 PMP PDU Program from SFBS and renewed her PMP. Watch now her PMP renewal journey.

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What are the Best PMP PDU Online Courses?

If you’ve googled about the PMP PDU online courses, you will see several resources. Some of them offer technical courses, that will not benefit your career. Some of them offer just PDF papers to read, and that does not bring any skills.

The best PDU online courses should offer you business courses, earn new business skills, and contribute to your career growth.

For instance, San Francisco Business School offers a comprehensive 60 PMP PDU Online Course program. The program offers three self-paced business training programs: Executive Leadership, Strategy Creation & Execution, and Marketing Strategy. For each course in the program, SFBS awards a certificate of graduation. While earning PDUs, you will earn reputable business merits to highlight in your resume and LinkedIn.

SFBS Course Diploma & LinkedIn Certificate

Program #1- Executive Leadership Program

Improve your decision-making, and cross-functional competence, expand your understanding of the global marketplace, and build your way to servant leadership. Learn how to tackle business challenges. Earns 20 PMP PDUs.

Program #2- Strategy Creation & Execution Program

Develop the global perspective, quantitative background, and creative problem-solving skills to take your strategy from formulation to execution. Harness the power of disruptive innovation to craft winning strategies and turn them into play. Earns 30 PMP PDUs.

Program #3- Marketing Strategy Program

Boost revenue and profit by targeting the right segments, designing effective go-to-market strategies, and building high-value brands. Align your marketing and promotion efforts with business strategy to maximize Return on Investment. Earns 10 PMP PDUs.

When choosing a PMP PDU online course program, do not just look at the price. You will spend 60 hours with the program you will attend, and make sure you will earn some skills at the end of the program.

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What should be covered in a PMP PDU Program?

PMI accepts project management-related or business courses as a source of PDUs. For example, if you are a software developer, and attended a coding course, this course will not count as a source of PDU to renew your PMP certification. Because, the coding course is technical, and does not teach project management or other business areas.

Typical PMP PDU course programs cover:

  • Business courses: Any business courses such as leadership, strategy, marketing, etc. can be considered as a PDU course.
  • Project Management courses: Project management courses such as Agile, kanban, etc. can be considered as a PDU course.
  • Soft Skill courses: Communication skills, negotiation, decision-making, etc. can be considered as a PDU course.

Note that, we tried to list the popular domains covered in PDU programs. There may be other courses that cover other topics and count as PDUs for PMP.

Free PMP PDU Online Courses

There are YouTube videos, free courses, and webinars available on the web. You can enroll in these free activities and earn PDUs towards renewing your PMP certification. Typically, these events earn 1-2 PDUs. Earning all 60 PDUs through Free PDU events is not feasible. Even if you can attend free events, your schedule may not allow you to attend assuming you are a full-time working professional. You may need to spend your evenings and weekends or even you may need to take a day off from your work to attend these free events.

SFBS offers a 3-hour Free PMP PDU Course program as well. You can earn 3 PDUs by attending this program.

Free PMP PDU Course Program

Learn more about Free PDU for PMP Renewal.


PMI requires PMP certification holders to earn 60 PDUs and renew their PMP every three years. There are education and giving back PDU categories to earn PDUs. While there are several ways to earn PDUs, enrolling in PMP PDU Online course programs is the most affordable and convenient way to earn 60 PDUs to renew PMP certification. It is important to choose a PMP PDU program that will earn you new business skills not just PDUs.

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