Global Leadership Program: 5 Hints to Pick the Best One

Typically, Global Leadership Programs are offered by educational institutions such as colleges, business schools, or universities. Some professional communities offer a Global Leadership Program as well. How to pick the best program? We defined the global leadership program and how to pick the best one in this article.

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What is the Global Leadership Program?

Each Global Leadership Program differs and targets different types of audiences. Some universities’ global leadership programs accept the most academically talented students coming in each freshman class. Some educational institutions accept sophomores, juniors, and seniors. However, the majority of the programs target senior professionals typically at least five years of work experience.

The main purpose of an global leadership program is to grow the team leadership skills of the participants, enhancing the cross-cultural leadership experience and improving skills to work in diverse environments.

While there are not a strict requirements, on average, global leadership program attendees have five to fifteen years of experience. Typically, professionals working in multinational companies and working in a cross-cultural workplace prefer to attend a global leadership program.

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The program fee of a Global Leadership Program varies and typically duration of the program, delivery type, and the educational institution offering the program determines the fees. On average, program fees vary between $1,500 and $10,500. However, several providers offer online and self-paced programs. The self-paced and online programs are much more affordable.

The duration of the global leadership programs varies. Some programs take a few semesters or even years. However, the global leadership programs tailored for the professionals are typically for a few weeks.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills – Executive Leadership Training Program

San Francisco Business School offers an online, self-paced comprehensive executive leadership training program. You can consider enrolling in this program to improve your leadership skills.

Global Leadership Program Training Program

5 Hints to Select the Top Global Leadership Program

There are several factors you should consider when choosing a global leadership program for you. We have gone through the top 5 hints in this article. Let’s go through each tip, and ease your global leadership program selection.

1- Program Curriculum Matching Your Career Goals

First, consider your career goals, where do you see yourself in five years, ten years, and twenty years. If you are aiming to lead a multinational company or team, then, global leadership program is for you. Before checking other features of the global leadership program, first, review the curriculum, and make sure it fits your career goals. For instance, an emerging leaders program might be a better fit for your career goals.

Review the program content and targets carefully. For instance, if you are planning to develop your particular team leadership skills, look for them in the program curriculum. Some popular areas in today’s leadership are situational leadership, green leadership, servant leadership, and crisis leadership. You can look for other non-popular areas but important for your career goal as well.

Review the curriculum of the Global Leadership Program in the program provider’s pages. You can contact the program provider and ask for further information, brochures and other materials describing the program.

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2- Global Leadership Program Delivery Type and Schedule

Many Global Leadership Programs require in-person attendance and professionals have to take days off from their jobs to attend the programs. In some cases, participants have to travel to the campus to attend the program. If the program takes several weeks or even months, it will be less likely to attend a full-time working professional.

You can consider a self-paced and online Global Leadership Program. For instance, San Francisco Business School offers an Executive Leadership Program.

Executive Leadership Training Program Covers:

  • Generic & Adaptive Leadership – Change is inevitable and leaders must be prepared for the changing dynamics of the business environment. Learn how to adapt your leadership in changing circumstances.
  • Grasping Power – Only powerful leaders sustain in a brutal business environment. You’ll learn how to grasp power.
  • Servant Leadership – Leaders must be adaptive, servant, and transformational in today’s business world. Walk the path to be a servant leader that empowers people and organizations.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Emotional effects are unavoidable wherever there is a human factor. Develop your competence to be an agile, optimistic, and humble leader. Learn how to show people why they matter.
  • Tomorrow’s Leaders – You cannot lead the millennials the same way as you do for boomers. Increase your awareness for future leadership and transformational leadership.
  • Leadership in Hard Times – While being an optimist leader, you have to be ready for the unanticipated cases. Improve your contingency planning skills, dealing with conflict of interest, and how to overcome a crisis.

You can check further on the program page.

3- Certificates and Diplomas

We are in a highly competitive age. Thousands of people apply for a vacancy if the conditions are appealing and the company is reputable. One of the best ways of standing out in the crowd is by highlighting certificates and diplomas earned from the programs you attended.

Check what the Global Leadership Program you are planning to attend offers upon completion. Some programs have graded assignments, some programs just offer a letter of attendance, and some offer certificates and diplomas. Opt for the programs that offer diplomas and business certificates.

LinkedIn users who’ve added certifications to their profile increased by 44% in the last two years. Having business certificates on your profile or resume can set you apart from other applicants.

San Francisco Business School’s Executive Leadership Program offers a diploma and you can showcase this in your LinkedIn profile upon completing the program. You can see a sample diploma and how you can showcase this on your LinkedIn profile.

Global Leaders Program Diploma and Certificate

4- Alumni Testimonials & Reviews

The best way to evaluate a Global Leadership Program is by reaching out to alumni and checking student testimonials and reviews. Some providers are transparent and you can find all reviews and testimonials on their program pages.

When checking reviews, try to find people who have a similar background to you. If they are satisfied with the program, it will double your chances that you will like the program as well.

Watch Laura’s 30 Seconds Experience – Executive Leadership Program

Hear from Our Alumni Laura Smith, Head of Design. Laura attended the Executive Leadership Program at SFBS.

YouTube player
Here is Laura Smith’s testimonial:

“I found the content of the course to be extremely informative and applicable to the real challenges of being a leader.

I loved the frameworks and the case studies from real-life companies. Self-paced lectures helped me to follow the program on my own busy schedule on top of a full-time job.

One of the most influential lessons for my leadership development was leadership at hard times. I’m now more mindful of how my colleagues are experiencing me, and less averse to having difficult conversations.

Thanks to San Francisco Business School!”

5- Program Fees

The last step to pick the best Global Leadership Program for you is checking the program fees. Global leadership program fees depend on the length, delivery type, content, and providing organization. Although there are exceptions, the program fees vary between $1,500 and $10,500. Self-paced programs are more affordable while in-person or campus programs cost more.

List a few candidates for Global Leadership Programs you would like to attend, consider your budget, and choose the one that fits your budget. Be careful with the hidden costs of the providers. Some providers may ask for additional registration fees after admission, and some may require a fee for obtaining a diploma or certificate.

For instance, San Francisco Business School’s Executive Leadership Program is $397/year. The program is self-paced and you can watch the lecture as many times as you wish even after completing the program. No additional costs for a diploma or certificate. Attendees receive their diplomas automatically upon completing the program. The subscription is flexible and you can cancel at any time.

Free Global Leadership Programs

Some professionals look for a Free Global Leadership Program. However, it is very unlikely to find a free comprehensive program. It is very unlikely to access a premium program for free.

However, some providers offer a sneak peek of their comprehensive Global Leadership Program. Ask for free materials or demo training from the provider before enrolling in the program. If you can see sample lectures, you will have an idea of how the course is conducted. This will reduce the possibility of your dissatisfaction as you will have an idea of the program.

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Global Leadership Programs are offered by many educational organizations and companies. The main goals of these programs are growing leaders to lead cross-cultural organizations and diverse workplaces.

There are several factors when choosing the best Global Leadership Program for you. We have listed the top 5 hints. These are finding the program matches your career goals, delivery type and schedule of the program, certificates and diplomas provided upon completion, alumni testimonials and reviews, and program fees.

If the provider offers a free preview or sample material of the program, check that. By reviewing the free demo, you will have an idea of if the comprehensive Global Leadership Program will meet your expectations.

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